Institute for Cultures, Languages, and International Service
(Buenos Aires, Denver, Brazil, Colombia)

Amigos del Sur is by far the best name for this program, because in the end what the students gain most are lifelong friends and great memories, all obtained while learning Spanish. To say the least, this program puts its students in the most fun and real life situations for learning the language. Your lesson doesn’t start when you get to class, but as soon as you wake up. The students are forced to learn how to get though the city, by using the subway, the train, and asking real life people for directions. It may sound hard or scary at first, but this process really helps to let the students assimilate to the city.
One of my best experiences on this trip was simply getting lost in the city, merely to find myself in the end. This trip helped me to see life in another way. Getting to live with a foreign family helped me to see the things that are most important in my life. It was truly a cleansing experience.
I must warn the future applicants that this trip isn’t for the average person. You must have passion, drive, and determination to fully take advantage of all the classes and experiences this trip has to offer. You need to go with the flow, and say ―yes‖ to every opportunity offered to you. With those simple elements you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and learn a lot of Spanish while doing it.
Thank you to all of the staff of Amigos del Sur for making my trip amazing. You have truly become friends and family which I will remember forever. I highly recommend this program to anyone who’s looking for a once in a life time experience.
Max Szollosi

Going to Argentina through the program AMIGOS DEL SUR has been of the best experiences of my life. On top of being full of fun and laughter, I have learned so much about the culture and the history of Argentina and my Spanish has improved drastically. It is a total immersion program that I don’t think any classroom setting could top. In addition, I have formed lifelong friendships that I may have otherwise not been able to have. Andrés is the best teacher, full of life, compassion, and love. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn Spanish and travel abroad.
Amy Bolger

This program is by far de best possible language immersion program ever conceived. I am unable to even describe the immense gains this program has offered me even beyond language acquisition, but the advantage of learning Spanish amidst native speakers cannot be underestimated. If you are at all considering studying abroad, do it! The best way is through the knowledgeable, patient, and caring professors and directors of AMIGOS DEL

Deb Coté

I was by far and away the oldest of our 5 member group. I think we all had a great time and I was able to participated well in all activities. The time and money spend on my eight weeks in Buenos Aires were well spend. It was an adventure every week and a great and enjoyable learning experience. The program was fast paced to match the fast paced life-style of Buenos Aires. You get to know Andrés and his colleagues as friends and associates. Andrés presences a nicely balanced mix of Spanish grammar and local history with an emphasis on the several famous Argentinean women. The recent wars and dictatorships are another topic I found very interesting. Wine classes, cooking and sign painting classes and weekend day trips were great activities enjoyed with local people. The food is varied with lots of beef and with a great Italian influence. Beef is the national food of Argentina and pizza comes in a close second tied with empanadas. I enjoyed all aspects of the program, especially the architectural tours of the city which has a look and feel of the old architecture of major European cities. A great weekend pastime I found very enjoyable and unique to the city was visiting the street fairs and markets. They sell leather goods, locally made jewelry and textiles, food and food goods. The street performers and musician at these fairs are very entertaining and some fairs have traditional Argentina street dancing. Another great aspect of Buenos Aires is theater. I attended 2 enjoyable plays and could have seen many more at very reasonable prices. My stay in Buenos Aires, June, July, and August 2009, was a memorable time!!
Amigos del Sur FORMER STUDENTS 2
Biography.— Bill Farritor lives in Aurora, Colorado, and is still taking Andrés’s classes at The University of Colorado Denver. In fall 2009, he took Ibero-American Cultures through Films (SPAN 3230) and in spring 2010, he took Advanced Conversation and Composition (SPAN 3020).

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