Buenos Aires Argentina 2012

Amigos del Sur 2012 © is a six-week program offering immersion in the Spanish language amid the culture, sights, flavors, and unparalleled ambience of Argentina. From June 18 to July 27, 2012, in weather comparable to a temperate North American autumn, Spanish language students of Intermediate and Advanced levels will study in Buenos Aires and its environs. The program offers intensive classes in Spanish and in Argentine culture, as well as elective studies in Argentine architecture, poetry, painting, ecology, wines, cuisine, graphic art, film, tango and music, in the incomparable ambience of Buenos Aires by day and by night. The academic and cultural focus of Amigos del Sur 2012 will be a seminar on four extraordinary Argentine women: Victoria Ocampo (novelist, poet, and cultural entrepreneur), Eva Perón (politician, social activist and cultural icon), Griselda Gambaro (playwright), and Raquel Forner (painter).

Amigos del Sur director and founder Andrés Lema-Hincapié, PhD in German Philosophy and PhD in Ibero-American literatures/film, is a former Cornell researcher on Hispanic literature and film, with 26 years’ teaching experience. He also was an associate professor of 18th-century British and German philosophy at Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia), visiting fellow at The University of Edinburgh and a visiting assistant professor of Spanish at Whitman College in Walla Walla (Washington). Currently, Andrés is an Assistant Professor of Ibero-American Literatures and Cultures at The University of Colorado Denver. In Buenos Aires, he is supported by a faculty of leading scholars: Julio Schvartzman, Professor of Argentine Literature (Universidad de Buenos Aires) will teach poetry; Marcelo Fraile (Universidad de Buenos Aires), while teaching the architecture of Buenos Aires, will train students in the fundamentals of Argentine history; internationally renowned painter Maestro Roberto Bengochea will conduct a workshop in “Fileteado Porteño,” a decorative art form characteristic of Buenos Aires; Alejandro Iannizzotto will provide a course on the wine culture of Argentina; agronomist Santiago Ehrt (Universidad de Morón) will teach about ecotourism in rural Argentina; Diego Lorenzo (Universidad de Buenos Aires) will teach advanced Spanish grammar; Ariel Carpio will be Amigos del Sur tango teacher; Pablo Sapia (curator at the Centro Cultural Recoleta) will give a course on famous Argentine graphic artists; Carmen Vasco will teach Argentine music; Mercedes Villarreal will conduct hands-on sessions in Argentine culinary arts; and Itatí Figueroa (a famous Argentina puppeteer) will be in charge of teaching basic puppet manipulation.

Professor Victoria Guzmán, Director of Internships for Amigos del 2012, will arrange international service experiences via volunteer work that exposes participants to current social issues in Buenos Aires. According to their own interests, volunteers participate in projects at the Instituto Henry Moore (art therapy for cancer patients), the Buenos Aires Collegium Musicum (music projects with social impact), Centro Cultural Recoleta (organization of art exhibits), South American Explorers (guidance for travelers), Aves Argentinas (programs for the conservation of delicate flora and fauna), or teaching English.

Participants in Amigos del Sur 2012 will enjoy six weeks’ stay with Argentine families in the secure and prestigious Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, Alto Palermo, and Barrio Norte. María Ester Lara, aka “Muchy,” is Amigos del Sur Housing Director. Host families are close to museums, cultural centers, theaters, and shopping malls, and all are alive with fine restaurants and outdoor cafés. Along with daily language and culture classes and internship activities, participants will be offered a variety of cultural tours. If weather permits, a short country retreat will be available in a friendly Buenos Aires suburb, where students can get away from the hurly-burly of the city to relax, have fun, and get to know one another. This retreat is not included in the estimated cost per person.

The approximate cost for the six-week stay in Buenos Aires is US$5,140 per person, which includes all classes and private room with an Argentine host family. This amount also includes the approximate costs for round-trip airfare from Denver, course materials, cinema or theater tickets, and three meals a day. Students will be required to purchase a grammar and conversation text along with a CD for courses in grammar, stylistics, and culture, as well as any novels, plays, DVDs, or other course materials.
“Amigos del Sur 2012 is much more than a summer language program,” explains founder and academic director Dr. Andrés Lema-Hincapié. “It is an Argentine experience of a very special nature.” Dr. Lema-Hincapié, a Colombian by birth, fell in love with Buenos Aires, and although he has resided in a number of cities in the Americas and Europe, for him, “Buenos Aires is the reality… Other cities are but illusions.” And so he urges you to join him and experience this for yourself. So, let’s be Amigos del Sur!

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