Amigos del Sur 2012 © is a six-week program offering immersion in the Spanish language amid the culture, sights, flavors, and unparalleled ambience of Argentina. From June 18 to July 27, 2012, in weather comparable to a temperate North American autumn, Spanish language students of Intermediate and Advanced levels will study in Buenos Aires and its environs. The program offers intensive classes in Spanish and in Argentine culture, as well as elective studies in Argentine architecture, poetry, painting, ecology, wines, cuisine, graphic art, film, tango and music, in the incomparable ambience of Buenos Aires by day and by night. The academic and cultural focus of Amigos del Sur 2012 will be a seminar on four extraordinary Argentine women: Victoria Ocampo (novelist, poet, and cultural entrepreneur), Eva Perón (politician, social activist and cultural icon), Griselda Gambaro (playwright), and Raquel Forner (painter).